Physics-based Machine Learning

Deep Tissue Imaging

Optical Neuromodulation

Advanced Light Manipulation

We are the research group led by Prof. Mooseok Jang ( [C.V.] and [Google Scholar]). Our group focus on the development of novel tools that combine optics, acoustics, and nanophotonics to tackle problems in biology and medicine.

Please find more information about our group below. If you are interested in joining us, please send an email to ''. Any motivated candidates at the level of undergarduate, PhD or postdoc will be highly welcomed. Prior experience in optics is not necessary!


Mooseok Jang

Group Leader

Taean Chang

Ph.D. candidate

DongGu Lee

Ph.D. candidate

Jong-in You

Ph.D. candidate

GookHo Song

Master candidate

Chanseok Lee

Master candidate

Hyeonggeon Kim

Undergraduate student

Hakseok Ko


Tuo Yin

Ph.D candidate

Jaeyeon Oh

Undergraduate student

Lab interior